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More and more people these days are looking for ways to make money from home and more specifically online. There are various ways out there that includes affiliate marketing etc, but today we want to focus on online trading more specifically.

There are various types of online marketing channels to use, that includes forex trading and we can only recommend that you work with reputable company in this regard.

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Direct Axis Loans

Direct Axis has been around for a long time and continues to offer great service and personal loans. You can apply for a personal loan with them for up to R150 000.

Direct Axis also makes our list of one of the top personal loan companies out there and anyone looking for personal loan, can surely look at them in details.

Direct Axis offers no face-to-face interviews, fixed repayments, cash to use however you choose and a fast cash lump sum. With all these great options, we would urge anyone looking for a personal loan to look at them.

With them you do need Clear credit references and your ID number.

FNB Loans Review

We ourselves currently bank with FNB and we can’t be happier with their service and amazing product offerings. They also provide personal loans and I have personally applied for a personal loan and repaid it back earlier than the final instalment was due.

They offer personal loans from R1000 up to R150 000 and their repayment terms vary up to 60 months. With FNB you can choose to repay your personal loan via debit order, if that will make it easier for you.

FNB not only won the most innovative bank in the world award, they also offer great walk-in service as well an amazing online banking website.

In regards to their personal loans, be sure to look at them and if you feel that what they offer are not in line with what you had in mind, be sure to look at other product offerings on the website.

FNB or First National Bank in our opinion are one of the greatest banks in the world to date and we congratulate them for flying the flag and giving us such and amazing platform to do banking and apply for personal loans.

What is a Fidget Spinner?

Fidget spinners is a relatively new toy that was introduced to the market worldwide in 2017.

Fidget spinners are basically used as a sort of stress reliever, specifically focused on people who are fidgety and require something to keep the busy.

Now fidget spinners are small toys that can be enjoyed by anyone, but it seems like kids enjoy them more and also functions as a means to stop boredom.

How much do they cost?

Fidgets spinner vary in price, but you could pick up an average fidget spinner from R80 and they can go up to R300.

Where can you compare fidget spinners as well as their price?

You can find allot of them online at Price Check and you visit them to compare the various spinners as well as their prices.

Since fidget spinners one of the trendiest toys to have and we suspect allot more questions that are going to come in, we will be examining them in closer detail, so be sure to check back soon for more news and reviews.

Herewith some tips and tricks you can enjoy:

How to make French Toast?

This question has been asked quite a bit by our food lovers and today we are just going to be outlining the basics on how to make French toast.

French toast has always been a stern favorite in our house and more and more people are starting to love this way of doing toast, so here we go:

The best way to make french toast in our opinion is as follows:

  1. Take and egg or eggs, vanilla and cinnamon and mix them together.
  2. Stir in milk to the mixture.
  3. You then take your bread and dip it inside the mixture, evenly on both sides.
  4. Cook the bread within a griddle, till it’s nice and brown on both sides. This all depends on your preference, but cook till you have achieved the perfect french toast.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions related to french toast and we will do our best to assist.

For another great recipe, please enjoy this video below:

How to Unblock someone in Instagram?

For all our Instagram users, we decided to outline the unblocking steps of someone in Instagram, due to so many requests.

Instagram is currently one the most popular social platform in use worldwide and the need to block or unblock someone has become apparent to be an important feature.

Please find the steps below on how to achieve this and be sure to contact us with any other questions related to the blocking or unblocking of users.

1.The first step would be to open you Instagram app on your phone.

2.If you want to unblock a specific user, you need to browse to the “Profile of this user”.

3.In the top right hand corner you’ll see a “Menu” that you can select.

4.Inside the menu you will see the option to “Block/unblock” that user.

5.Simply select and you are done.

Enjoy using your Instagram and be sure to check back with any questions related to Instagram or any other specific social platform.

How to Change Language in Chrome?

One of our most recent and repeated questions have been on changing language settings within Google Chrome. Since people from all over the world use Chrome daily when browsing the internet, it is sometimes crucial to have to correct language settings when using your browser.

We have outlined the simple steps to make sure that you can easily change and update your settings in Chrome:

1.Open Chrome and go to “Settings”.

2.Once in Settings, go down to the “Advanced Settings” option.

3.Once again go down to “Languages”.

4.Once you get to that section, you will see a button and once clicked it will display all the loaded languages.

5.If your language is not there, then click on “Add” to select the language you want to be added and follow the prompts to continue the setup.

We hope you are able to change your language settings in Google Chrome and please let us know if you do require help in this regard and we will gladly assist.

How to Hard Boil Eggs?

We all know that there are various ways to cook eggs and these can include scramble, fried, poached and hard boiled. Hard-boiled eggs have always been my one of my favorite ways of doing eggs end herewith the best way that we have done it over the years and continue to do so.

The recipe below is not via microwave but by using a stove:

1.First of all you need to get water boiling on the stove.

2.Wait until the water is boiling and then add the eggs softly into the pot of boiling water. We recommend using a spoon to softly insert then into the water.

3.Now to determine the way you want your boiled eggs to be done, it all varies on a minute.

4.For soft boiled eggs, we recommend that you boil them 6 minutes.

5.For medium boiled eggs, we recommend that you boil them 7 minutes.

6.For hard boiled eggs, we recommend that you boil them for 8 minutes.

7.Once done, you will take them out and leave to cool down in ice or cold water.

8.Once cooled, roll and peel of the hard shell and enjoy your hard boiled eggs.

We always try and provide our readers with the best advice and recipes that we personally use daily, so we hope you enjoy our version of boiling eggs.

How to Screenshot (PC)?

The question of how to screenshot is a very useful and important question, since this functionality is sued quite a bit and can really come in handy for any user.

Now it all depends if you are using PC (Personal computer) or a Mac, but for this example we are going to focus on a PC to explain the process.

On your keyboard, you will see a button that is marked “Prt Sc”, which basically stands for Print Screen. This function will enable to take screenshot of your current screen and if you want to past it for example in an email, you can just use the paste or CTRL + V.