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How to Change Language in Chrome?

One of our most recent and repeated questions have been on changing language settings within Google Chrome. Since people from all over the world use Chrome daily when browsing the internet, it is sometimes crucial to have to correct language settings when using your browser.

We have outlined the simple steps to make sure that you can easily change and update your settings in Chrome:

1.Open Chrome and go to “Settings”.

2.Once in Settings, go down to the “Advanced Settings” option.

3.Once again go down to “Languages”.

4.Once you get to that section, you will see a button and once clicked it will display all the loaded languages.

5.If your language is not there, then click on “Add” to select the language you want to be added and follow the prompts to continue the setup.

We hope you are able to change your language settings in Google Chrome and please let us know if you do require help in this regard and we will gladly assist.