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How to Draw (Pencil Sketch)

The question of how to draw has also be posted a few times and we decided to outline in brief what it entails in order to be able to draw objects.

In order to draw an object for this scenario, we are going to assume that you will be using a piece of paper combined with pencil to accomplish this task.

The basic rule is to start and focus on the basic elements that entails what the object is about. Let’s say that you want to draw a chair, the focus on the points that you have to have 4 endings on a floor combined with a flat surface that will be the seating area.

You then focus on drawing the basics on the piece if paper with the pencil and if you do feel that your proportions aren’t in scale, then please modify till you feel that you have achieved this.

The art of achieving better and better results is to try and try again. Getting the basics right is only the first part and achieving great detail in your sketch is harder and practicing is very important. We hope that we were able to guide you on the process of how to draw and all of the best and send us your drawings in the future.