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How to Unblock someone in Instagram?

For all our Instagram users, we decided to outline the unblocking steps of someone in Instagram, due to so many requests.

Instagram is currently one the most popular social platform in use worldwide and the need to block or unblock someone has become apparent to be an important feature.

Please find the steps below on how to achieve this and be sure to contact us with any other questions related to the blocking or unblocking of users.

1.The first step would be to open you Instagram app on your phone.

2.If you want to unblock a specific user, you need to browse to the “Profile of this user”.

3.In the top right hand corner you’ll see a “Menu” that you can select.

4.Inside the menu you will see the option to “Block/unblock” that user.

5.Simply select and you are done.

Enjoy using your Instagram and be sure to check back with any questions related to Instagram or any other specific social platform.