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How to Tie a Doek?

The question of how to tie a doek / turban or head wrap have been posted a few times and we will do our best to answer you in this regard.

Since there are various ways that you are able to achive this, we decided to rather post a video that will be able to assit you better in this regard. To describe how to tie a doek is going to be much harder, than for you to witness this in a video that will show you exacty how to achive this in no time.

Enjoy the video!

How to Remove Bookmarks?

The question of how to remove bookmarks have requested quite a few times. The reason for this can be that bookmarks was added and that the website or blog have since closed down, moved or change the page name, which will effectively now allow you to access that page anymore.

It doesn’t really matter what he reason is why you want to delete a bookmark, the only thing that you need to consider is the fact that since there are so many browsers currently in the market and that you need to make sure that you are able to find the correct setting to do this.

The various browsers in the market vary from Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox to name a few. We will be outlining all the various browsers in the coming weeks, but since most of our users currently use Chrome, we decided to only outline this option in this post.

In order to delete a bookmark in Chrome, you will need to do the following:

1.In Chrome, go to the settings tab.

2.Once in setting, go to Bookmarks and use the dropdown menu to slect the bookmark manager.

3.Once inside the bookmark manager you will see the various bookmarks and all you have to do is to right-click on the bookmark you want to delete and select “delete”.

4.Your bookmark will be deleted and you can close the bookmark manager.

We hope we were able to assist you and be sure to check back to see how you are able to delete a bookmark in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari that will be posted shortly.

How to Lose Belly fat?

This is a question that has been posted to us quite allot and we will be outlining the various options in order to lose belly fat.

The weight-loss industry is huge market and continues to grow, since more and more people seems to be looking at this, due to so many factors playing a major role in this regard in western countries, like fast food intake etc.

There are so many options these days available out there that offer solutions and instant solutions in this regard, but we will be outlining only our honest opinion in this regard.


Exercise is still the number thing to consider when looking at how to lose belly fat. Good old fashioned exercise enables your body to function and burns any fat especially if it’s targeted exercise for a specific location on your body, like your belly.

There are various options like gyms or fitness centres that offer classes or personal training services that will help you in this regard, but if you do feel that you can do it yourself, then try exercises that target your belly.

Healthy diet:

The term diet doesn’t refer to you having to go a specific diet plan out there in the market currently, but more specifically eating health and getting balanced diet into your current lifestyle. Getting all the essential nutrition that your body needs will enable it to function optimally.

If you focus only on these two factors, you will already see a difference in your belly fat and we will be looking at various other options in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back soon for more on how to lose belly fat specifically.

How to build a Strong Business Relationship?

This a quite a general question that has been asked quite a few times and today we are going to try and answer this to the best of our knowledge.

We can only answer this question through what we have experienced in our business relationships and thus guide users in developing the best relationship with their business partner possible.

There are quite a few factors to consider and we will be outlining this below. We have listed only the top 3 factors that you need in order to establish a strong business relationship.

1.Honesty; First of all, we would start with honesty. Honesty plays a big factor and it doesn’t matter what type of business you have, being honest is one of the pillars in creating strong business relationships.

2.Consitancy; This is another factor that plays a crucial role and being consistent in your business setup and relationships with clients or suppliers, will enable that your business only grows.

3.Service delivery; This applies to business that offers services to clients or businesses that offer products to clients. It doesn’t matter, but people are able to see when they receive good service delivery and once established they will come back, since what was promised was delivered.

We will be continuing this discussion in the coming weeks and we urge any of our readers to assist and contribute in what they find will help in this regard. We are always trying to help anyone out there and since this is such a crucial part to growing business in South Africa, we will do our best to evolve this issue and provide our readers with more feedback in this regard.2

How to Download Pokémon go?

Many of our loyal readers have asked us how to go about to download Pokémon go. At the beginning of the year they only release the app to a limited number of countries that included the UK, US, Germany, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

We are happy to announce that now it is also available in South Africa. For Android users, you can download it from the Play store if you are using a smartphone and for users on an iPhone, you are able to get it from the App store.

We hope that we were able to assist you with your request and be sure to come back and ask any questions related to Pokémon go.

Download link for Android users:

Download link for Mac users: