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How to Hard Boil Eggs?

We all know that there are various ways to cook eggs and these can include scramble, fried, poached and hard boiled. Hard-boiled eggs have always been my one of my favorite ways of doing eggs end herewith the best way that we have done it over the years and continue to do so.

The recipe below is not via microwave but by using a stove:

1.First of all you need to get water boiling on the stove.

2.Wait until the water is boiling and then add the eggs softly into the pot of boiling water. We recommend using a spoon to softly insert then into the water.

3.Now to determine the way you want your boiled eggs to be done, it all varies on a minute.

4.For soft boiled eggs, we recommend that you boil them 6 minutes.

5.For medium boiled eggs, we recommend that you boil them 7 minutes.

6.For hard boiled eggs, we recommend that you boil them for 8 minutes.

7.Once done, you will take them out and leave to cool down in ice or cold water.

8.Once cooled, roll and peel of the hard shell and enjoy your hard boiled eggs.

We always try and provide our readers with the best advice and recipes that we personally use daily, so we hope you enjoy our version of boiling eggs.