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How to Make Money (Online)?

It almost seems that more and more questions are being asked these days around how to make money online. This current economic climate in South Africa is relatively negative and more and more people are looking at ways to make money and to not fall into the debt trap.

Now there are various ways to make money online and we will be examining three scenarios in closer detail below.

1.Affiliate Marketing

One of the best ways to make money online is via affiliate marketing. There are various international and national affiliate marketing companies that have great offers available, whereby you can generate income online.

The key to making a success in affiliate marketing is to have some website / websites that generate allot of traffic, that you can capitalize of. The more targeted traffic you can generate, the more specific the offers you can publish to generate income.

2.Web Surfing

This seems like a very simple way, but you can indeed make money online for surfing the web. There are various websites out there that offer user’s money to actually surf to specific websites and complete a review for market research.

3.Showcase your talents on YouTube

If you have a talent like singing, dancing or tutoring lessons, you can always have a go at starting your own YouTube series. If you get allot of views and subscribers, you can start to promote networks like AdSense to generate income.

There are various ways to make money online and we will be examining various other ways for our readers in the coming months, so be sure to check back for more.